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Helping everyday men get strong with kettlebells and build a body they're proud of without sacrificing their careers or family time

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Supporting busy men who want certainty around their health

We know you cannot afford to waste your time with another fad or complicated routine. Our online fitness coaching is so much more than basic diet and exercise. It's learning a set of skills and behaviors that can change the rest of your life and positively impact the people you care about.

Our coaching methods are backed by science and battle tested over the last 10 years coaching thousands of clients in person and online. We only work with men on a 1:1 basis because we know that accountability and real support are the difference-makers for fizzling out versus total transformation. We can't wait to help you achieve the strongest, healthiest, happiest version of you for the final time.


Do any of these sound familiar?

Spinning your wheels with the same ineffective fitness routine?

Tired of fad diets and the rollercoaster weight loss efforts?

Overwhelmed with the sheer volume of conflicting information and advice?

Hard work that never seems to show itself on the scale or in the mirror?

Lack time and motivation to get started and stick with it?

Struggling to put together a training plan on your own that you actually feel confident about?

We can help!


Real strength for lasting results

We are Kettlebell Transformation – a group of expert coaches and kettlebell specialists dedicated to helping busy men achieve the body and fitness they want in a way that sticks for good.

We only work with men on a 1:1 basis and completely customize every single program to fit the unique life situation of each client.

We don't do meal plans – we do personalized nutrition support and education so you can learn the foundational eating habits that will allow you to get off the diet rollercoaster once-and-for-all.

Our online coaching is rooted in small daily wins and is based on data collection and interpretation where we help you take control over the numbers that matter.


fitness coach near me benefits


We focus on the three pillars of success

Remote personal trainer benefits


We teach you expert kettlebell technique through live 1:1 coaching

We customize your plan to meet you exactly where you are starting

We educate you on which bells to get and how fast to progress

We help you get strong safely through regular 1:1 form check-ins

We hold you accountable to getting your four green checks weekly ✅

Virtual personal trainer offerings


We teach you about food principles rather than put you on a restrictive diet

We show you how to eat and drink everything you enjoy without sabotaging results

We educate you on which foods are best for your body type and specific goals

We help you eat the right amount to maximize performance

After fat loss we show you how to maximize muscle gain for permanent results

Online fitness coach benefits


We help you ditch the "all-or-nothing" mindset and instead focus on small daily wins

We work with you to understand what it takes to achieve your goals

We help you gain authentic self-confidence to live the life you want

We help you manage the stress of growing in your career and showing up for your family

We provide real and honest feedback so you can cut the BS that holds you back

What you'll get with Kettlebell Transformation

A premium 5-star coaching service

Check out our 40+ 5 star Trustpilot reviews to see why guys call our fitness coaching "life changing"

An EXPERT kettlebell coach

You will be paired with an online fitness coach who has 10+ years experience to guide you

Game changing accountability

The #1 missing piece for most men - we help you stay on track no matter what

Highly Supportive Community

The men in KT are highly engaged and supportive in all the right ways

Custom mobile app

Your workouts, nutrition, group chat, direct messages with your virtual fitness coach... it's all in one single app on your phone

100% Personalized Experience

We customize your entire plan to meet your unique lifestyle and goals


Why Kettlebell Transformation?

You've followed fad diets and random workout programs. You've tried cutting carbs and giving up your favorite foods. You see the endless SEA of confusion and disillusion on social media and you know there's got to be something simpler.

You want another way.

We work with busy men who want to improve their health and build strength at a deeper level.

Our in-depth online coaching program helps you reclaim your strength with kettlebells and gives you the skills and tools around your nutrition to eat any food you want and still achieve the body that you're looking for.

We also help you adopt a mindset of sustainability and right action, which means you change habits at the foundational level for long-lasting results.

This is not your cookie-cutter fitness and nutrition plan - we are expert kettlebell and body transformation coaches working with busy men on a 1:1 basis.

If you're ready to build serious kettlebell strength, gain complete food freedom, and create a truly fit mindset, apply for coaching today.

Real Men, Real Results

Read the inspirational stories of our Kettlebell Transformation clients

online fitness coach results


"I was never hungry or out of breath once."

benefits of fitness at home program


"The #1 thing I was looking for was simplicity and consistency."

Fitness coaching results


"The one-on-one training and feedback has been crucial to my success in this program."


Get to know the Kettlebell Transformation team

We are a team of dedicated kettlebell experts who have all been coaching in the industry for over a decade. We only hire the best to ensure we are able to repeatably deliver our 5-star premium service.

Every coach on our team has multiple certifications and many years of hands-on coaching both in-person and online. They all walk the walk as well, as busy, career-driven, and family-oriented men who maintain a high level of strength training at home with kettlebells!

When you enroll with KT as a client, we pair you with a 1:1 coach who will guide you every step of the way through your transformation journey!

We're so confident in our 1:1 coaching, we offer a 100% risk-free, money-back guarantee. If you follow our coaching methods for 30 days and don't see a return on your investment, we'll give you your money back. Terms and conditions apply.

Get Strong & Lose The Weight For Good With 1:1 Coaching.

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